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My Hidden Voice


Now, each one has abilities,
While some can - some cannot,
Yet even those who cannot do,
Will surely find their spot.

For some are good at building things,
And some are business-smart,
But often when I try those things,
I fall right off the chart.

I often work inside my head,
But some say I just dream,
When thinking of so many things,
I hold in high esteem.

Like treating everyone the same,
No matter where they're from,
Encouraging all our little ones,
And see what they become.

For each one has abilities,
And each one has a dream,
And as they find their way through life,
Their talents, they will glean.

So, if you honestly believe,
You haven't any gifts,
Just use the little things you have,
And know that they exist.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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