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My Hidden Voice

Abundant Blessings

He gives abundant blessings such as snow and rain and sun,
They come because of His great love and nothing we have done,
And rippling brook and meadow fair, the forest and the plain,
Are blessings that have come from God, not something we obtain.

And wisdom and intelligence are things we cannot boast,
For God has given both of these; we're guests and He's the host.
Our God is great and we are small and thankful we should be,
And every day should sing His praise on humble bended knee.

He's given what we see around and things we cannot view,
Like His salvation, so that He can make our lives brand new,
Then endless days to live with Him, a gift from God's own Son,
For as we leave this earth below, a new world has begun.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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