Poems Of Reflection


My Hidden Voice

A Dream Within The Dream

A 'dream within the dream' you say,
A place where I can flee,
Away from all the outside world,
A place for feeling free.

For dreams are places I can rest,
But one is not enough,
Its outer shell is very thin,
And I am not that tough.

A 'dream within the dream' you say,
And two in which to stay,
So when I wake and look around,
I'm still a dream away.

A dream to keep me safe and warm,
And two on which to build,
Another 'dream within the dream',
And many more fulfilled.

The 'dream within the dream' protects
Against the outer shell,
And it's the very inmost dream
Where I feel safe to dwell.

A 'dream within the dream' you say,
And many more within,
Until I've hidden in them all,
And not where they begin.

The deepest dream, with many more,
Surrounding high and low,
I take my refuge in the maze,
And dream far down below.

A 'dream within the dream' you say,
And dreams within those too,
And when those dreams have turned to dust,
I start the dream anew.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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