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My Hidden Voice

A Hypocrite On Judgement Day

You stand there saying I am wrong,
And this is not where I belong,
That you have found a better way,
But I won't follow; I will stay.

You say that God is in your life,
But you have cheated on your wife,
And lied to those who trusted you,
And made them think that it was true.

And then each week you go to church,
And in the scriptures there you search,
To find your own eternal life,
Yet in your heart you're feeling strife.

But didn't Jesus one time say,
"You search the scriptures day by day,
Yet in each verse it speaks of me,
But you are much too blind to see?"

It's time you lived the life you talk,
You speak the speak; don't walk the walk,
It's time you gave up evil ways,
And gave to God His worthy praise.

So when you stand in Judgment Day,
You'll never have to hear Him say,
"Depart from me, for who are you?
Your name's not one I ever knew."

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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