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Airport Blues

I work for an airline and travel for free,
It gives me such pleasure and fills me with glee.
They say I am lucky to have all these perks,
To travel the world and see all it's quirks.

I plan my vacation and do all my packing,
I book my hotel and nothing is lacking.
I go to the airport to wait for my ride,
I'm feeling contented and happy inside.

But the clerk says they're busy and all flights are full,
(An employee on standby, without any pull.)
At the gate I now sit, just hoping to board,
At the end of the line and I pray to the Lord.

I watch all the passengers board one by one,
And I'm waiting in torment; it's really no fun,
Then a person I know, an employee named Bea,
Is invited on board and I wish it were me.

The gate is now empty and everyone's gone,
The clerk says they're full; how I hate that old song.
I travel for free, but didn't get far,
I vacation once more at the "Old Airport Bar".

I work for an airline and travel for free…………

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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