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My Hidden Voice

A Land Called Evermore

On the other side of Yesterday,
Is a land called Evermore,
A land where all your fantasies come true.
A land where you can be yourself, and maybe even more,
A land where all things old become as new.

Where you can be a buccaneer
And ride upon the sea,
Or maybe you just want to roam around,
And find adventure where it is or where it ought to be,
This land will pick you up when you are down.

It isn't hard to travel there,
Just close your eyes and dream,
And worries of the day will melt away,
And as the mist is lifted, there arises Evermore,
A place where you will ever want to stay.

But time is short in Evermore,
And you can't stay there long,
For all around the edge is Yesterday,
Just wanting your attention and demanding all your time,
And trying to hold your Evermore at bay.

Now any time life gets you down,
And you are feeling low,
And wishing to be on some distant shore,
Just close your eyes and drift away, and soon the mist will clear,
And once again you'll be in Evermore.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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