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My Hidden Voice

All Black And White

The Zebra and the Skunk one day,
Decided they'd go out and play,
And find some things along the track,
That were like them, both white and black.


While in their travels here and there,
They met a giant Panda Bear,
Who had a Penguin by his side,
And so they thought they'd catch a ride.

panda bearpenguin

They climbed inside the Panda's car,
But didn't have to travel far,
When round the corner there somehow,
They met up with a Holstein Cow.

holstein cow

The cow was with a couple dogs,
Both black and white, not green like frogs,
A Border Collie and a friend,
A big Dalmatian, perfect blend.

border colliedalmatian

They travelled on down by the sea,
To see what there would be to see,
A Killer Whale, both white and black,
And then they started heading back.

killer whale

And now they play some silly game,
To celebrate they are the same,
Like crossword puzzles and some dice,
All black and white; that's really nice.

crossword puzzledice

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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