My Hidden Voice


There are some who think they're better,
And that we are just their debtors,
Thankful to be serving them,
And any less would be a sin.

They walk around like they're in charge,
Such tiny ones, who think they're large,
And we should cater to their needs,
And do it all with haste and speed.

They cut in line when we are there,
And only think it right and fair,
Their time is much more valuable,
To challenge them, contemptible.

They think that we should do their will,
And then they leave us with the bill,
They thumb their nose at what we say,
And then they turn and walk away.

I beg you not to be like them,
For that is where resentment stems,
Just be the person who you are,
A peaceful life will take you far.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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