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My Hidden Voice

Daddy Bought A Little Horse

When Daddy bought a little horse,
I thought it strange; it was of course,
The thing just didn't look quite right,
But I was small and not too bright.

Had leathery skin from head to toe,
But way back then I didn't know,
That horses had a thing called hair,
Like puppies, cats and also bears.

And then there were those big wide teeth,
And scales like armour underneath,
A tail as long as seven feet,
And why's my pony eating meat?

It looked more like a dinosaur,
As there it crawled upon the floor,
Or floated quiet on the pond,
And when I called, would not respond.

But still I love my little horse,
Though now and then I feel remorse,
I introduced it to my cat,
And now my horse is getting fat.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

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