My Hidden Voice

Humourous Poems

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A Hell Of A Game

A Legend In My Time

A Little Naked Button

A Pleasant Day

Airport Blues

An Epitaph For Mr. Bee

Ashes To Ashes And Rust To Rust

Between The Lines

Caught By Love

Cruising Van Nuys

Daddy Bought A Little Horse

'Death Row'

Free Falling

Gimme Good

I Love Pie

Jack Of All Trades

Late For A Date


Little Gophers (Dodging Traffic)

Magic Mushrooms

Majestique The Bull

Monday Morning Blues

Nature's Call


Redneck Man

Roy Loved The Ladies

Silly, Sweet Susanna

That Certain Age

The Chain Letter

The Diet

The Handyman

The Ice Blues

The 'Late' Mr. Brown

The Little Bee

The Pest

The Race Car Blues

The Three Bears (Bares)

There's A Difference, Mr. Barnes

Through Eyes Of Love


What A Girl With PMS Can Do

What Rhymes With Purple?

Young Lochinvar (A parody)

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