My Hidden Voice


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A Land Called Evermore

A Lesson Never Learned (A Dorsimbra)

A Metaphor Is Such A Bore

A Paradigm

A Plate Of Corn

A Sound That Tells Me All Is Well

A Winter Lament

A Wizened Witch Of Wizardry


Alone With The Shrink

And Still It Isn't Done

Another Day! Another Day!

Asphalt Prison

Banshee Spirit


Big City Wilderness


Birth And Death

Black Water

Bless The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Building Stuff

But Now She's Gone

Caught Up In A Craze

Change Your World?

Digital Music

Don't Back Up

Each One Has A Chair

Ethical Thinking

Everything I Sow

Follow Your Path

Forever, I Will Be The One (A Quatern)

Free Speech

Giving The Chase

God Of Thunder (A Legend)

Gone Fishin'

Growing Old

Happy Music

He Toured Manhattan

Head And Soul

Head In The Sand

Here I Go Again!

His "Home On The Range"

I Cannot Fly, Oh Why? (Little Penguin)

I Lost My Mind In Vegas

I Stared Death In The Face

I Travel The Planet

I Walk On Air

I Want To Eat A Pork Chop

I Would Be Set Free

If People Were Like Puppies

If'n When

I'm 86 Years Old Today

In A Mess (A Triolet)

In Slipperyslope Of Fallenback

It's A Bridge

It's Calling Me

Johnny-Come-Lately (A Triolet)

Just A Dream

Just A Pup

Just Speak Your Mind

Just To Be Yourself

Just Twelve Short Weeks

Knocking At My Door

Let's Leave It To God

Life's Tunnels

Living In Someone's Mind

Love Is

My Choices May Be Different

My Claim To Fame

My Little Song

No Intelligent Life

No More To Streak Or Turn The Cheek

No Relatives Of Mine

Nobody Needs Me No More

Not Bourgeoisie

Now They Are Free

Of Red And Of Blue

On The Bayou

One Of {A Kind}

One Small Voice

Opulence To Survive

Or We Will Bid Our Earth Farewell

Our Lives Are An Open Book

Pick A Door

Pinch A Penny

Pinocchio And Jonah

Plain Speaking

Pride Of The Humble And Great

Puppy's In, Kitty's Out

Recession Hits The Nursery Rhymes



Rockin' To The Rhythm

Rocky Mountain Paradise

Rolling The Dice

'Round And 'Round

Rushing By

Sayings Cannot Mend


She's Here Today

She's Glad When I Come Home


Small Town USA

So Many Questions

Speak With Me

Stating Opinions With Kindness

Step Up And Be Counted

Strength And Faith

The Beat Knows My Name

The Ember's Pride Made An Ash Out Of Him

The Entity

The Guardian

The Henny-Penny Blues

The Lessons Of Another Time

The Power Of Music

The Raven Lives Up In A Tree

The 'Stalker'

The Ups And Downs Of Life

The Wheat And The Chaff

The Words We Choose

Things Once Said

Thinking Many Things

Those Eyes

Those Lovely Girls

Time Rushes On

Turn The Wheel

Unseen Things

Use The Golden Rule

Voices Of My Past

Water Colours

We All Look The Same

Weather Raging

Well, Spit On Me Grave

What About The Sponge?

What Is Water?


Where Beauty Lives

Where I Can Be Free

Woodland Weather Watchers

Words Of Wisdom

You'll Make It Through

You'll Wonder Who I Am

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